Available Courses

Therapeutic Photography

This course is designed for new and experienced photographers as a course that supports visual growth both personally and professionally.

The taking of photographs is an intimate act. There’s a connection between ourselves and what we are photographing and thus the reason we choose to capture what we do on film. When this understanding is missing, so is that connection a photographer needs in order to enhance their creativity and produce meaningful bodies of work.

This course is designed to support the understanding of that connection, what’s behind it, and how being aware of this positively impacts one’s images and professional growth. Understanding the why is how we make that intimate connection between ourselves and our subject matter so we can produce images that move the viewer to a place of wanting to know more. Knowing this will benefit any and all niches of photography.

Student’s will come away from this course with a solid understanding of themselves, who they are as photographers, and how to use this knowledge to create meaningful and career enhancing bodies of work.


This course was designed as an online PhotoTherapy Course for both students enrolled in a mental health program or already practicing mental health professionals. That being said, this course can easily be adapted to complement an existing visual or mental health degree program to enhance a student’s learning and professional capabilities.

The course is 12-weeks in length if taken online as a singular in-depth course. However as part of an existing photography or mental health degree program, students would need a full school year to complete.

The course is both interactive and in depth. Student’s will come away from this course knowing what PhotoTherapy is, how it came to be, how it works, how to use it with clients and implement all its applications, and what concerns PhotoTherapy works with and how. The course consists of Modules, Learning Lessons and Action Tasks that support a student’s learning and growth while challenging their thinking.

As an online course, weekly group coaching calls and a 1:1 Coaching Call for a specific application of PhotoTherapy are also offered. As a degree program, ongoing individual support throughout the year should be made available.

What To Expect

Throughout the 8 and 12 week courses, you will experience unique modules covering different aspects of PhotoTherapy, Therapeutic Photography and their uses. These lessons range from practical explanations like how adding PhotoTherapy to your own practice or Therapeutic Photography to your visual business, both of which will benefit you both personally and professionally, to breaking down client interaction into a step-by-step process that is interesting while staying comprehensive.

Action Tasks

As you learn these new applications for connecting with your own clients, the courses have a number of action tasks that will help you to put these methods into practice. You will be asked to complete and present these learning activities to the course instructor for approval in order for us to insure you have a solid grasp of the course knowledge.


The course instructor will be available for coaching calls throughout the learning process, letting you share your personal experiences and guiding you in implementing PhotoTherapy and Therapeutic Photography into your practice. These coaching calls will be available as either 1:1 calls, or group calls with a number of other students present. The 1:1 calls will allow you to field any specific questions and provide a more personalized experience, while group calls will provide a space for you to connect with your peers and other like-minded practitioners to share methods, tips and general guidance.